With more than 35 years of experience in the design, specification and construction of bespoke indoor and outdoor domestic and commercial swimming pool facilities, Pool Consult has recognised that there is a demand for clients to engage independent professional swimming pool consultants to develop their specific requirements and to ensure that the final product and all associated equipment is constructed and installed to comply with the latest relevant British and European Standards, PWTAG Recommendations, SPATA Standards and the Health & Safety, Water, IET, Gas Safety and OFTEC Regulations wherever relevant.   If you are considering the installation of a swimming pool facility contact us and let us assist you in formulating and specifying your requirements.   



Specialist swimming pool designs to ensure safe, reliable and attractive leisure facilities. 
Detailed specification and design information that you can present to your construction team. 
Itemised specifications relating to the provision of safe and effective swimming pool water circulation, filtration and treatment systems including where required an effective and economical heating and ventilation system. 
Project management and site control as required to ensure your leisure facility has been constructed and installed in accordance with the specification and complies with all relevant industry Standards and Recommendations.  


Pool Consult aim to ensure that your pool project incorporates the best possible construction techniques, water quality and safety and that your indoor pool environment is designed to provide the required building protection whilst maintaining comfortable conditions for spectators and swimmers. To build upon our impressive reputation in the industry for our core services, and to continue to develop additional services and products for the industry. 






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